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electromobility - future of mobility

City Logistics

  • Green light for distribution within city centres and emission sensible areas
  • Flexible delivery slots 24/7
  • Perfect for daily use up to 100 km


  • No pollutant CO2 emission*
  • No harmful fine dust NO2 emission
  • No noise pollution


  • TÜV-ECE-R100 certified and approved
  • Exclusive use of standard components
  • With safest battery technology

Technically Mature

  • More than 200 electrified trucks sold internationally
  • Over 2 million kilometres in use by customers
  • Patented technology since 1991


  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Quick charge
* with alternate generation of electricity 
"We are looking foward to welcome you!" - Your ORTEN Electric-Trucks Team -