The ORTEN E 75 TL is perfect for inner city logistics with a range of 100 or 150 km in emission sensible and access restricted areas.

Motor power 90 kW / 122 hp

The electric-synchronous motor provides 90 kW / 122 hp.

Approx. range 100 or 150 km

The maximum range of the E 75 TL depends on the individual track characteristics.

Payload dependent on body solution

Depending on the body solution, the maximum payload may vary.      

Max. charging time 3 or 4 hrs

A 400 V charging station provides the electrical supply for 126 lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Max. speed 80 km/h

With a unique torque of 1.150 Nm the e-truck has a max. speed of 80 km/h.

CO2 and emission free

The fully electric drive reduces pollutant emissions by the use of alternative electric power (e.g. photovoltaics).