Due to its light body, this 7.5t e-truck provides 30% more payload (2.300 kg) than the standard diesel truck. Therefore, the ORTEN E 75 AT is able to transport even more than its diesel-driven equivalent and is the perfect choice for 24/7 inner city logistics in emission sensible and access restricted areas.

130% payload

Due to the light body technique applied, the truck’s payload could be increased by 30 %.

Approx. range 100 or 150 km

The maximum range of the E 75 AT depends on the individual track characteristics.

Max. charging time 3 or 4 hrs

A 400 V charging station provides the electrical supply for 126 lithium iron phosphate batteries.

CO2 and emission free

 The fully electric drive reduces pollutant emissions by the use of alternative electric power (e.g. photovoltaics).