The ORTEN ET 30 V is our 3t-solution for material or passenger related transportation. We trust in a high-efficient PM-synchronous engine combined with high-standard EFA-S technology. This transporter has a maximum range of approximately 100 km and is perfectly suited for urban distribution services or local passenger transportation.  

Motor power 90 kW / 122 hp

The electric-synchronous motor provides 90 kW / 122 hp.

Approx. range 100 km

The maximum range of the ET 30 V depends on the individual track characteristics.

Max. 9 seats

Depending on the vehicle version, the seat capacity varies between three and nine seats.

Max. charging time 3 hrs

A 400 V charging station provides the electrical supply for 126 lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Max. speed 130 km/h

 A powerful torque provides you with a max. speed of 130 km/h.

Torque 560 Nm

The powerful e-engine generates a torque of 560 Nm.