At the moment, 96% of the European energy requirements are covered by oil. In 2010, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain consumed approx. 400 million tons of oil. On a global scale, this is only 10% of an increasing and excessive demand which, however, signifies the major reason for climate change. Especially the transport sector, where most of the vehicles use a combustion engine, bears the main responsibility for an increase of NO2, CO2 and noise emission.

As a result, the EU reacts with strong restrictions and prohibitions of diesel-driven vehicles in urban spaces. Together with the European Commission, governments plan to reduce the number of diesel-driven vehicles by 50% until 2030. Paris already adapted a regulation that restricts inner city distribution by diesel-trucks in 2020 and Norway will prohibit the trade of non-electric vehicles in 2025. Madrid and Stockholm have already adapted specific restrictions to the law and many other cities are about to follow.

However, ORTEN Electric-Trucks is convinced that electrification is the chance to secure urban-related distribution and to increase inner city logistics by 24 hours.

Since 2011, more than 100 cab vehicles are in daily use with EFA-S technology and numbers are increasing annually.

With the necessary knowledge and customer references at our disposal, ORTEN Electric-Trucks contributes to an eco-friendly optimization of your fleet.

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