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ORTEN Electric-Trucks electrifies your new or used diesel-driven commercial vehicle (3t - 18t total weight), trades small e-vehicles and helps you to expand sustainable worldwide inner city logistics. Take a stand against CO2 and NO2 emission by turning your fleet into an environmentally-friendly fleet. ORTEN creates “moving innovations” in Bernkastel-Kues since 1925. In 2012, ORTEN started to be active in the electric mobility sector and founded the independent start-up-business ORTEN Electric-Trucks in July 2015.  

The transport sector, where most of the vehicles use a combustion engine, bears the main responsibility for an increase of NO2, CO2 and noise emission. As a result, the EU reacts with strong restrictions and prohibitions of diesel-driven vehicles in urban spaces. Together with the European Commission, governments plan to reduce the number of diesel-driven vehicles by 50% until 2030. However, ORTEN Electric-Trucks is convinced that electrification is the chance to secure urban-related distribution and to increase inner city logistics by 24 hours. We move ahead - go with us.

Electromobility - The Future

City Logistics

  • Green light for distribution within city and emission sensible areas
  • Flexible delivery slots 24/7
  • Ideal for daily stop and go tours up to 100 km


  • No pollutant CO2 emission*
  • No harmful fine dust NO2 emission
  • No noise pollution


  • No purchasing costs for new truck
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Quick charging times of 4 hrs

Technically Mature

  • More than 100 electrified trucks sold internationally
  • Over 1 million kilometres in use by customers
  • Patented technology since 1991


  • TÜV-ECE-R100 certified and approved
  • Exclusive use of standard components
  • With safest battery technology

* with alternate generation of electricity